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Electronic drop slot - Night safe 


Free standing

For installation in the wall

With sleeve

 Electronic drop slot WBNE used to depositing values without the cashier round the clock. The device has been worked out in terms of functionality and operation to both clients and escorts receiving deposits.

 Performed from II to VI grade according to EN 1143-2

 Construction of deposit part was developed based on lightweight strongboxes construction.

 Slot part has a rotary drum operated by a lever, electronic panel with backlit display, keypad and optional equipments.

 Only authorized persons can be used Night safe. Customer identification is done using a proximity card or PIN code. There are two main types of users: customer and guard. Customer drop the deposit to the night safe, guard is a person who takes a package from the night safe. Memory of night safe allows the registration up to 250 users.

 There is also a admin function, which gives powers users and the service code designed for night safe maintenance.

 Night safe menu in Polish is logical and intuitive. In menu we move via keyboard. Verbal commands that appear on the display guide the user through all the procedures to follow for night safe.

 Wide list of basic equipment and the extensive list of optional accessories make the electronic night safe WBNE will meet the needs of even the most demanding customers. Certified by the Institute of Precision Mechanics according with the European standard EN 1143-2 in classes from II to VI.

 The maximum dimensions of the throwing package: 150 x 250 x 300 mm.

 WBNE Night safe is available in three versions:

 Free standing. There is direct access to slot part and deposit part. Catalog card

 For installation in the wall. There is a need for additional equipment:

- Large building frame

- Door to protect drop slot part

- Door to protect deposit part

 For installation in the wall with sleeve. Receive deposits is opposite the drop. It is necessary to use additional equipment:

- Sleeve

- Building frame

- Door to protect drop part

Catalog card


H W D Weight kg. H W D Capacity dm3
 WBNE+KP kl.II-IV 1470 766 785 750 1000 766 785 280
 WBNE+KP kl.V 796 815 900 815 260
 WBNE+KP kl.VI 950
 WBNE+KP kl.II-IV 1670 766 785 800 1200 785 350
 WBNE+KP kl.V 796 815 950 815 330
 WBNE+KP kl.VI 980



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