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Security doors class C and RC4


Security doors class C and RC4 - Powder coated doors
Powder coated doors 

Veneered doors
Drzwi antywłamaniowe zewnętrzne
Doors covered MDF



Doors finished in oak veneer

Security doors with glazing


 Security doors DL 1.4 have certified class RC4 and "C" as a door more resistant to breaking.

 The door leaf consists of two metal sheets with profiled edges, glued together in the door leaf. Filled shapes are reinforcing elements. The space inside the leaf is filled with non-combustible mineral wool. The leaf is suspended on three steel hinges. From the hinge the leaf is locked with three fixed interlocks. Burglary-proof. Frame thickness of 3 mm with gasket on three edges.

 Used as internal or external doors that open to the outside or inside of the room.
 Every doors is equipped with a main lock under handle.
 Doors can be in four types of surface finishes:

- Powder coated in any color from the RAL palette

- PVC woodlike veneer < models PVC veneer>

- Decorated with MDF (6 or 10 mm) <models MDF>

- Decorated oak veneer (6 or 10 mm) <models oak veener>

 Doors are made in three standard sizes (can be made according to individual dimensions of the door):

- "80" - clearance 80 x 200 cm, the external dimension of the frame 95x210 cm.

- "90" - clearance 90 x 200 cm, the external dimension of the frame 105x210 cm.

- "100" - clearance 100 x 200 cm, the external dimension of the frame 115x210 cm.

- The threshold of 20 mm


- Additional upper lock

- Widescreen viewfinder


- Resistance to burglary - Class 4 according to PN-ENV 1627:2006

- Resistance to burglary - Class C according to PN-90/B-92270

- Resistance to multiple opening and closing - Class 6 according to PN-EN 12400:2004

- Resistance to wind - Class 3C according to PN-EN 12210: 2001

- Corrosion resistant - category C3 according to PN-EN ISO 12944-2: 2001

- Water resistant - Class 4B according to PN-EN 12208: 2001

- Sound insulation - Rw = 35 dB according to PN-EN ISO 717-1: 1999

- Thermal transmittance - 1.3U W (W/m2 * K) according to PN-EN ISO10077-1:2007

- Air permeability - Class 3 according to PN-EN 12207: 2001



Metal cabinet # 1.0 mm

Metal cabinet # 3.0 mm


Furniture safe.

Grade I safe.


Fireproof home safes.

Koliber home safe.


For weapons.



Cashier's safe.

Deposit safes.


Specialized doors.