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Fireproof cabinets for magnetic and optical media

Fireproof cabinets DataGuard

Szafa ognioodporna DuoGuard 25
DataGuard 25

DataGuard 40

Data Guard 80

DataGuard 120


Two-hours resistance to high temperatures. They have certificate 120 Diskette according to NT Fire 017, it guarantees the security of the stored magnetic and optical media, minimum 120 minutes in extreme fire conditions (above 1000° C). Temperature inside the cabinet is not more than 30 ° C, and will not exceed 55° C, this temperature can be critical for many magnetic and optical. Doors with “panic closed” - if you see a fire just push firmly to provide complete safety of the stored magnetic and optical media. Available 4 sizes with a capacity of 30 to 128 liters. Closing the door with a key lock.

Technical parameters of DataGuard

Name Dimensions external (mm) Dimensions  internal (mm) Weight  (kg. Capacity   (dm3) Shelves  (pcs)
 DataGuard 25  530 546 566 280 346 306 145 30 1 standard shelf
 DataGuard 40  700 450 190 48 1 standard shelf, 1 retractable shelf
 DataGuard 80  1025 590 775 330 263 88 1 standard shelf, 2 retractable shelves
 DataGuard 120  1025 702 502 330 128


 Fireproof cabinets DataPlus +is


Szafa ognioodporna na nośniki magnetyczne



  The newest generation of fireproof cabinets Chubbsafes on magnetic and optical media, consisting of five models with capacities ranging from 115 to 577 liters. Cabinets provide a two-hour fire resistance according to standard ECB-S. In addition to fire resistance they have a certificate burglar protection grade S2. They have a system of bolts which perfectly protecting against unauthorized access. Advantage of cabinets is large capacity relative to low weight. Wide choice of interior accessories and possibility of installing additional shelves at intervals selected by the user allows maximum use of interior space. In case of fire just strongly push the cabinet doors to ensure the full protection of stored media from fire. Can be fixed to the ground. Possibility of installing one or two locks: key lock, combination lock or electronic lock. As standard safes do not have any equipment, the size of the safe and equipment should be chosen based on the planned amount and type of storage media.


Technical parameters of DataPlus +

Name Dimensions external (mm) Dimensions internal (mm) Weight  (kg.)  Capacity   (dm3)
 DataPlus+1  911 746 720 565 490 400 315 111
 DataPlus+2  1191 845 390 167
 DataPlus+3  1471 1125 490 221
 DataPlus+4  1941 1595 640 313
 DataPlus+5  1036 770 1570 780 450 860 556


Additional equipment DataPlus+

Fixed shelves

Retractable shelves

Retractable shelves with separators

Internal boxes



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